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Simple guide to installing MILEPOST on Linux

There were several issues getting MILEPOST to install correctly and run, so we have created a custom tar containing the correct changes and fixes to environment variables.

1) Download this version of MILEPOST v2.5 with GCC 4.4.4 containing the bugfixes. It's pre-built for 64 bit linux, so you may need to build MILEPOST yourself instead (Building MILEPOST).

2) Untar to the desired location, and open (Available here if you built MILEPOST yourself). Edit the $BASE_DIR to the current folder location for cTuning.

Running a program using MILEPOST

Now to run on your own .c files, open terminal in the folder for the file to be run, and run the following command with the correct folder location:

/path/to/cTuning/ ctuning-cc -Oml *.c

For further information on how to run the other features type ctuning-cc --help

Please check you have the PATH variable set up correctly with echo $PATH and looking for path/to/ctuning/install/bin/. If this is not listed, please add it to the PATH variable to solve any environmental issues.

During the running of you will be asked some questions. They are as follows:

[Optional] You will now be asked if you want to change the SORT order, select y if so and enter the order, otherwise skip with n.

[Optional] If there is no _ctuning_select_functions.txt file that you have specified in the directory the program runs in, then you will be asked to either specify a file, or skip.

[Optional] If there is no _ctuning_remove_opt_flags.txt then you will be asked if you want to specify a location of this list, or you can skip again.

[Required] You will be asked to enter your username. This is the one you have signed up for at

NB:Case sensitive

[Required] You will be asked to enter your password for the account.

MILEPOST should now successfully run and find the best predicted optimisation flags using the COD at and invoke these on your chosen .c program.

NB:This is set up to use the fursinne_coptcasestest database, which will need to be changed if you intend on using a different one from cTuning. This can be changed in on line 99, to the desired database.

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