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Simple guide to building MILEPOST on Linux

1) Download MILEPOST v2.5 with GCC 4.4.4.

2) (Optional) Download

3) Extract the archive downloaded in step 1 (tar xvzf ctuning-cc-2.5-gcc-4.4.4-ici-2.05-milepost-2.1.tar.gz)

4) Now cd into the newly created ctuning-cc-2.5-gcc-4.4.4-ici-2.05-milepost-2.1 directory

5) Before building, you'll need to download and apply the following patches (curl <patch_link> | patch -Np1), ptrdiff.patch, and siginfo.patch. If you are using a version of texinfo >= 5.0 then you'll also need to download and apply texinfo5.patch.

6) Run ./

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