Meeting 19 August 2014, Embecosm

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MAGEEC Meeting 19/08/2014 -Lymington
Present: OR, JP, GC, SG, GF, CB, SC, AB, SH

Review of action points from last time

Blog posts

  • [ABOpen] Oliver's ready to go.
  • [JP] Blog post on how not-to measure

SC Update

  • [SC] contact David Malcom at Redhat re abstracting GCC plugin interface to make consistant across releases.
  • Profiling of time spent per function now available. Large variation, some large, some too small to measure. Suggest arithmetic power allocation of shorter spans pro-rata for shorter blocks.
    •  ? How long does it take to train with this granularity, since simulation takes longer than running.


  • Physical location variation after taking into account placement ~3%
  • Need a calibration step with extra start and stop trigger with a known calibration routine. Compiled in with the main benchmark to save flashing time
    •  ? Can it be at the end of memory so that it does not influence the benchmarked code. We agreed that this is probably not a big issue, but we should keep an eye on not influincing measurement via calibration.
    • [JP] To commit an appropriate calibration benchmark to BEEBS.

[JB] to chase Joern to see what progress is on flash alignment optimisation.

  • [JB] Joern working on it. Progress may be behind schedule. JB to confirm whether deadline of 29th will be hit.

[SH+KIE] by next meeting structure of monster MAGEEC journal paper with all authors, describing process of developing a system with machine learning, plus the evaluation. Adds in the software engineering + evaluation. Not a push on the novelty of the machine learning.

[JB] Update events page

[SH] Add CASES + Craig's ILP (using BEEBS) to page


[ABOpen] GBP50 target for board, base and cables. ABOpen creating publicity this week for end of September orders.


  • Comparison and sampling algorithms – not started.
  • Minimal analysis started. Script error → not much data yet.
    • Substantiates <3% board/run variation test-to-test bound
    • Identifies the three {most significant helping and harming} flags.
    • Moving forward: complete analysis runs. Remove outliers by <100ms threshold. Manual review on <1s run time.
      • Then comparison algorithms

[SC&GF] Some pass combinations give weird results. To examine and see if it's a bug.


  • GIMPL Tree analysis of instruction distribution of benchmarks (BEEBS V1)
    • Counting the different statements.
    • TODO: Graph the results
      • What grouping
        • Existing ones + sub-division of ALU to horizonal and vertical (JP to advise)
    • We can connect the basic block GIMPL analysis to the feature vector.
      • An extension is to consider a histogram of the number of GIMPL statements (block size approximation) per basic block
    • [RQ] We could compare the machine code allocations both before and after MAGEEC to see e.g. if MAGEEC learns to substibute memory accesses with ALU ops.
  • Weather station case study up and running, with remote data send and receive.
    • [SG] Need to deploy MAGEEC to see the improvement on the weather station.
      • Iterative compilation on weather station hardware.
      • Compare with MAGEEC's output with MAGEEC trained on other platforms.
    • [JP] Energytool interactive improvement by review progress.
  • Satellite case study needs compilation in of MSP430 support.
  • Battery + RTOS on STMDiscovery


  • PCA results including Energy measurement from -O0
    • Seems that there are a small number of features that influence energy a lot.
    • Energy itself if the best indicator of a benchmark.
    • Features need normalising to prevent over-easy correlation.
    • The results set needs more detailed exploration.
  • Automatic program generation work
    • Ideas, but not going to be able to complete in the remaining time
  • Going forward
    • How to predict energy in terms of the features we have already captured.
      • Could use WECA to explore how to use supervised learning to predict energy from the features already


  • Some cross-compilation problems on -Wall for ~11 benchmarks
  • [SC] Add noinline_benchmarks on BEEBS
  • [AB] New super-duper header mechanism to prevent duplicated code bases from diverging and still allow for build mechanisms to work.
  • Ignored benchmarks infrastructure to be on a per-test basis
  • BEEBS V2.0 ready for release
  • Approx 10 have queries on release under GPL. Need to clarify license or find replacements ?resourcing?