Meeting 04-09-2013

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For the end of Q1 project review discussion, the following slides were used as a guide for talking points: PDF, ODP.

Action Points from meeting 04/09/2013

  • [JB,SH,KIE] Prepare FOSDEM Proposal
    • Deadline 13th September
    • [JB] Contact Grigory and Albert, TSB, David Greaves. Create first draft of proposal.
    • [KIE] Contact Mike O'boyle, Paul Beskeen, EACOF, EACOP, EEC-SIG. Arrange funding: Andrew
    • [SH] Arrange funding: Caroline,
    • [JP] Summary of Pre-instrumented hardware demo content for proposal. Solder up hardware in Lymington.

  • [JP,KIE] Sort out entity relationship diagram
  • [MG,KIE,OR] Write-up of Summer work.
    • Cross between a tech report and the first half of an eventual paper.
    • Aim to end at the part where we show how we have identified candidate SVM,J?? and KNN algorithms. Aim to generalise to show how these, with further work can be levered to provide solutions to MAGEEC and similar problems.
    • To discuss further on Friday with KIE and OR
  • [JP] Wuthering Bytes
    • Formulate the workshop