Meeting 03-06-2013

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Present at Meeting: Andrew Back, Jeremy Bennett, Simon Cook, Tom Harris, Simon Hollis, James Pallister, Joern Rennecke

Reporting Expectations

  • Tom Harris showed us through a set of slides regarding the expectations of the TSB wrt reports (we will receive these shortly).
  • Only those registered as the person filling in financial can see the project on _connect.
  • University of Bristol must submit financial audit at end of first quarter, both Embecosm and University of Bristol must at the end of the project.
  • Need to re-enter project costs on _connect.

Discussion of Milestones/Effort Required for 1st Qu.

1st Quarter Dates: 1 June 2013 through 30 August 2013


Ref Description Due
WP3/1 Board Design Documentation and Working Hardware 31 Jul 2013
WP1/1 Decision of GCC/LLVM for first implementation 31 Aug 2013
WP1/2 Design documentation for compiler integration, ML interface and available features 31 Aug 2013

WP3/1: Board Design Documentation and Working Hardware

  • High performance energy measurement - arriving one month early
  • Board design is open source.
  • Using 2 interns instead of 1 post doc - this is no problem, same headings on finance sheet.

WP1/2 & WP1/1: Design of compiler integration, etc.

  • Iterative design with external consultation.
  • Thoughts on design to be discussed at next meeting.
  • Milestone 1/1 follows on from 1/2.

Exploitation Plan

  • Good to be taken to market from start.
  • From University of Bristol perspective boosts academic and industry profiles.

Commercial exploitation

  • This needs to be kept separate from the main project.

Risk Register

Need to add:

  1. Size of training set
  2. Relevance of training set - making sure we avoid too narrow a training set to ensure relevance when compiled with general code.

GCC Cauldron

  • Counts as conference, not press release.
  • Refer to as Technology Strategy Board not TSB.
  • Describe as research council for industry.

Dates of Future Meetings

Quarterly Project Review Meetings

End of Date
Q1 4 Sep 2013
Q2 6 Dec 2013
Q3 10 Mar 2014
Q4 9 Jun 2014
Q5 8 Sep 2014
Q6 17 Nov 2014

Next Fortnightly Meetings

Date Location
20 Jun 2013 University of Bristol
1 Jul 2013 Embecosm