Meeting 02-09-2014

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MAGEEC Meeting 02/09/2014
Present: SH, JB, JP, KIE, GC, SG, GF, CB

  • Upcoming events updated on wiki
  • We need to focus on documenting now we are moving towards the end of the project.
  • [JP] By November Paper needed on BEEBS V2.0 + instruction distributions + effect on ML.
  • [JP] Write up calibration problem and methodology.
  • [GC] This week: write up the results and methodology from your work and ensure all the files are collected and made available to the project repository.
  • RQ: Having more benchmarks with different data values – how much variance does this add. Is it significant. Can we claim that these are 'additional tests' that push BEEBS up to 100 tests?
  • [AB/SG] Should the scripts and/or the graphs of instruction distributions be included alongside BEEBS in the repository.
  • Joern is unlikely to be able to complete the optimisation integration into GCC due to the linker focus of this optimisations.
  • [SG] WP8.1 – ATMega case study can validate work at Embecosm. Stoil to document weather station (inc. new blog post) and make hardware available.
  • [JP+SG] Add more measurement points to weather station to seperate out enegy from sensors and processor.
  • Moon's MSc be made available online
  • Draft MAGEEC paper headings completed
  • [SH] To organise paper flow and distribute tasks of sections to write
  • George has some new data plotting ranges of energy for benchmarks for runs determined by Plackett Burnham
  • [GF] Run MAGEEC on case study on the small data set that has already been gathered.
  • Energy Measurement Boards available – order via Embecosm's website