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MAGEEC meeting, 14th November, 2013, Lymington

Present: SC, JP, SH, JB

Review of previous actions

  • ER table complete
  • Moon has written up but not completed second blog post
  • Wuthering Bytes went well and had a larger than expected interest for the energy measuring boards.

Project progress and plan update

  • WP2,5,6,8,9 active.
  • Need to review the test set deliverable – still too small.
  • SC: working on gcc plugin
    • Will configure so that machine learner can override and gcc assumed flags if it wants to set/clear then.
    • First implementation is there, but not yet hooked into the machine learner.
      • The hook-in is on target for the end of the month.
    • Tests not ready so may miss schedule. D2.2
  • Need extra command-line tool for manipulating results table, but this is not in current deliverable.
  • WP4 (training set) needs extending. New deliverable 4.4, the evaluation set. Could be BEEBS V2.
  • WP7.1, 7.2 done via published papers and JP's PhD work.
  • Risk register updated. Strategy for dealing with new highest risk adopted.

Preparation for project review

  • Review of progress against targets
  • LLVM target will not be started by end of month. 2.2 deadline from 30Dec->28 Feb. Instead, gcc focus will push on getting it produce some productions.
    • Delay due to ML dependency. The ML interface is no fixed, so should not have a knock-on effect on the subsequent iterations, but has impacted completion time of
  • D7.1 and D7.2 completed. Documentation will come as part of JP's PhD review on 4th December.
  • WP3. 3.3 V2 measuring hardware due on 11th December.
  • WP5: all deliverables completed.
  • WP7: D7.1, D7.2 complete. D7.3 underway.
  • WP9: Customer and enthusiast interest. FOSDEM. New contracts. Papers, REF impact.
  • Evaluation criteria plan for presentation.

Flash line optimisation (under WP7)

  • D7.2 JP has identified how to optimise code for flash
  • D7.3 Joern implementation in progress on gcc according to agreed requirements.
  • We will want to test for improvement/harm on architectures that do/do not have the optimised-for flash.
  • D7.4 question about implementation on architectures that do not support LLVM


  • SC: Link to wiki page to be added on how to interact with results table.
  • SC: 2.2 deadline from 30Dec->28 Feb. Update risk register and work plan.
  • JP: post (link/copy) PhD review material for D7.1 and D7.2 when complete.
  • SC, JB, SH: review progress on iteration 1 and subsequent iterations for impacts on timescale.
  • SC: D1.5. Needs link to a change doc.
  • SH: V2 measurement board wiki and blog post. Harnessing demand and industry for external evaluation theme.
  • SC: Update 3.3 due date to 31st Jan (for FOSDEM).
  • SC: New deliverable 4.4, the evaluation set.
  • SH, MG, SC, JB: Schedule a time (5th Dec?) to sit down and trawl through benchmark possibilities for a test set
  • SC: D5.1-5.4 mark as completed and link to all. Lit page, add link to Moon's work.
  • JP: Update D7.1 with information
  • SC: set up media links to pull together for WP9.
  • AB: Push on community contributions to benchmarks.
  • SC: Arrange monthly phone conferences to discuss the new main project risk, on WP4.
  • SH: UoB budget report and forecasts.
  • JB: Open hardware licence update
  • SC: Presentation for project review.
  • SH: Chase accounting rules for Embecosm
  • JP/SH: Pictures of kit for review presentation.
  • JB, SH, JP, KIE, SC: Log talks for FOSDEM in the online system.
  • SC: Setup wikipage for sticker ideas.
  • AB: Table at FOSDEM: Sat → fully manned. Sunday → one man show
  • SH: Extra spot at FOSDEM?


  • Main track accepted.
  • Devroom topics
  • JB: Introductory talk (non main track version)
  • SH: The physics of energy usage
  • JP: Energy measurement hardware
  • Hayden: EACOF
  • Open Low Power Devices, Emilio Monti (mbed)
  • Workshop