Deliverable 3.3

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Deliverable 3.3: V2 Power measurement hardware

Status: Planned

When experimenting with the MAGEEC power measurement hardware, we discovered that, whilst it provides accurate results, there are a number of areas for improvement in the design to support the simultaneous measurement of multiple target platforms, particularly those that are not the ARM-M3-based measurement host.

Implementing a revised version of the design would thus increase the rate at which we can profile the energy consumption of code and improve the throughput of testing. The accuracy and quality of results would be unchanged.

Given that we know exactly what to do and have a base design to start from, producing a V2 hardware will be straightforward and the time required to do so low. We will, however, delay the start of this work until we have gathered as much feedback as possible about the use cases and features of the existing board. This will ensure that we make the right changes in V2.