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* [[Meeting 25 June 2014, Embecosm]]
* [[Meeting 25 June 2014, Embecosm]]
* [[Meeting 8 July 2014|Meeting 8 July 2014, UoB]]
* [[Meeting 8 July 2014|Meeting 8 July 2014, UoB]]
* [[Meeting 21 July 2014|Meeting 21 July 2014, UoB]]

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Welcome to the Wiki for the MAchine Guided Energy Efficient Compilation Project (MAGEEC).

This wiki uses the category system to group pages. The tabs above will take you to the main categories.

Getting Involved


You can register for the wiki here. Please use the wiki category system with any new pages, since that makes the index more useful.

Standard Wikipedia formatting conventions apply here. Only the first letter of page names and section headings should be capitalized. Pages should only use heading level 2 and below.

Mailing lists

  • The main mageec mailing list is mageec@mageec.org. Anyone can join, and this is where most work is discussed.
  • The research team at Embecosm and Bristol University have an internal mailing list. Nothing especially secret here—just for issues it would be inappropriate to share with the entire community.


Day to day discussion is on channel #mageec at freenode.net. You can join by clicking here. The entire discussion is archived here.


Upcoming events:

Both these events include a workshop on using the MAGEEC power measurement board.

Past events:

As this list grows, a full archive can be found at Presentations.

Design and Implementation

All design and implementation documents are in the.

Software Design:

Hardware Design:


Software and hardware designs can be downloaded from the MAGEEC GitHub repositories.

Previous Work

MAGEEC draws heavily on MILEPOST


Planning and organization


Project Plan

The project plan is a living document. You can see both the current version and history of the components:

All planning documments are in the Planning category.

Project meetings

The project team meets regularly to manage the project.