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I'd like to hear tsiro details too please

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On 21/09/15 10:51, Trupti Kulkarni wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Trupti and I work for GÉANT in Cambridge. I came across
> your project whilst searching and reading up on how to write
> energy-efficient software applications. MAGEEC has certainly piqued
> my interest, and after having gone through some materials and a
> YouTube video over the weekend, I would like to know if this is
> only for compilers that run embedded software programs? Or can this
> also be used for a user-written software program, which for the
> sake of simplicity, let’s say has been written in C/C++ ? For
> example, when one runs a C program through the data gathering
> process, can that C program be any piece of code (say a 
> client-server IM chat application), or only for an embedded
> system?

Hi Trupti,

Glad to hear of your interest.

It's a general technique, although MAGEEC was focused on embedded
systems.  The follow on project, TSERO, is taking the same technology
and applying it to HPC - the complete opposite of embedded.

My colleage, Ed Jones, is leading Embecosm's work on this.  I've
copied his direct email address, since he may like to comment further.
If a phone discussion with Ed would be useful, I should be happy to
arrange that.

Hope this is useful.

Best wishes,

> Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.
> Regards, Trupti Kulkarni GÉANT - Cambridge Office**
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