[MAGEEC] energy measurement

Sajjad Maghareh sajjadrsm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 09:36:18 GMT 2015


I have just got to know about your tool. I have a few questions regarding
the energy measurement:

   1. I understand you measure the energy physically, may I ask which data
   you feed to instructions while measuring the energy? is it random data?
   2. Also I understood you store the measurements in a DB and reuse the
   information. May I ask at which granularity level you store and reuse the
   energy measurements? ISA instructions, LLVM IR level or basic blocks?
   3. Are any of the energy measurements of the basic blocks or
   instructions in any of the benchmarks publicly available?

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry if any of the questions are naive.

Best Regards
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