[MAGEEC] [BEEBS] PCA characterisation of benchmarks & evaluation of features

Greg Cawthorne cawthornegd at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 17:42:42 BST 2014

Hello team!

I have been working on doing some Principle Component Analysis of the
features present in the current feature set. I have created a program which
is ready to be used to evaluate beebs!

Now I need a comprehensive set of feature vectors and which program &
function they came from (as we're doing it on a function by function
basis). Once I have this data I can perform PCA and then see which features
are the most representative of the programs and also look to see if
different types of benchmark have distinctly different important features.

I believe this requires running the feature extractor across all the
current benchmarks. If anyone can or has already done this and can send me
the data it shall be appreciated. Otherwise I shall have a look into it

Regards, Greg.
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