[MAGEEC] BEEBS characterization wrt Worst Case vs Average Case Performance / Energy

Kerstin Eder Kerstin.Eder at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Jul 23 19:13:30 BST 2014

Dear All,

As BEEBS is being characterized this summer, this is a good opportunity 
to see whether the benchmarks (or a subset of them) show significant 
differences wrt Worst Case and Average Case Performance / Energy 
Consumption. If not, can we find some that do?

Here is why I think this may be interesting: Provided the difference is 
large enough, an interesting research question is whether MAGEEC will 
find different optimizations for the WC vs the AC, even though the 
source code is the same. ;)

Would it not be cool if we could demonstrate that MAGEEC automatically 
finds different optimizations for WC vs AC Time / Energy for programs 
where there is a significant difference between these two cases? To 
allow MAGEEC to do this, we need a few benchmarks characterized wrt 
WC/AC behaviour and there being a significant difference between these.

If MAGEEC can indeed to that, I think this would add significant value 
to a MAGEEC evaluation paper.

Greg, please can you look into this and let me know your observations, 
and how difficult/easy you think this would be to do?

Best wishes,

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