James Pallister James.Pallister at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Jul 23 18:25:20 BST 2014

Are the shrimping kits supposed to be ATMEGA328P's? It may just be the
two tubes I've got, but we need to standardise on a single part.

In other news, I've done a quick test of the same benchmark on 29
different ATMEGA328s, and the variability is large. For this benchmark,
most chips hover between 31-33 mJ, but some are as extreme as 29mJ or
35mJ. Our pre-benchmark calibration step is going to be very
important... More results to come in the following days.


On 23/07/14 17:55, Jeremy Bennett wrote:
> On 23/07/14 16:12, James Pallister wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Does anyone know which one we've been using / are using? The chips UoB
>> have bought are ATMEGA328Ps, whereas the tubes of shrimp chips I've
>> borrowed from Embecosm are ATMEGA328 (no P).
> Eeek - I thought they were P's.
> Simon ought to check all his boards.
> J
>> I'm going to be doing the chip variability study on ATMEGA328's, since
>> Embecosm has lots of them - I may end up testing a couple chips from
>> each tube, rather than the 2 tubes I borrowed, since it seems to be the
>> same batch of chips in each tube.
>> Cheers,
>> James
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