[MAGEEC] Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

Simon Hollis cssjh at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Jul 7 12:16:57 BST 2014

Dear MAGEEC people,

We have our next project meeting tomorrow and it looks like we have plenty
to discuss.

The venue is the Vice-Chancellor's Room in the Queen's Building (N.B. Not
normal venue! Just above the PLT exit of the main staircase - ask porters
if you need directions).

We are scheduled to start at 10:30am.

Here is the proposed agenda. If you'd like to add anything, just send me an
email and I will add it by tomorrow.

* Review of progress of Greg, George and Stoil.

* Discussion of Greg's report on Machine Learning, with follow-up
discussions on
** Automatic test generation
** Use of feature vectors throughout the MAGEEC flow. Do we need it and if
so, how do we adapt the plugins?
** How to classify 'low' energy reading.

* Clarification of framework interfaces and decisions on Expect and
integration approaches - George

* Case study candidate(s) - Stoil

* Evaluation of status of our software and hardware capabilities

* Do we need to buy anything else?

* Blog updates and other publicity

* Setting of objectives for the next fortnight.


See you all tomorrow at 10:30am in the Queen's Building (N.B. Not normal
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