[MAGEEC] Now taking orders for energy measurement hardware kits.

Andrew Back andrew at abopen.com
Thu Aug 21 20:28:30 BST 2014

Hi All,

As many of you know we plan to do another production run of the MAGEEC
"WAND" energy measurement shield, and to make up a batch of kits
complete with DISCOVERY board, cables and a simple enclosure.

These are being made available to purchase by anyone who would like
one (or more) and at a price of £50 each including VAT, which is what
it will cost us to produce the kits if you don't take our time into

Embecosm will be handling pre-orders between now and the end of
September, for delivery by the end of November. A limited number of
kits will also be made available to purchase online.

There is a blog post with a few more details at:


I'd be grateful if you could help to spread the word, to anyone who
you think may have a use for the hardware, be it in measuring
processor energy consumption or some completely unrelated application.



Andrew Back
Principal, AB Open Ltd

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