[MAGEEC] [BEEBS] Mystery Files

Andrew Burgess andrew.burgess at embecosm.com
Thu Aug 14 17:25:26 BST 2014

In the continuing push to clean up the beebs repository, I am now looking
at a list of files, it is not clear to me what the files are for.

- Are these files used by anyone?
- Are they generally useful to others?

I could probably dig through the files to try and figure out what they're
for, if they are still useful, and if they should be kept, but I'm hoping
that people will jump in to save their favourites, saving me the work :)

Here's the list:

    1. beebs/tools/energytool.py
    2. beebs/analysis/all_stats.py
    3. beebs/analysis/cmd.arm-none-eabi
    4. beebs/analysis/cmd.avr-unknown-none
    5. beebs/analysis/instruction_stats.py
    6. beebs/analysis/Makefile.am
    7. beebs/analysis/Makefile.in
    8. beebs/analysis/simulator.in
    9. beebs/beebs.test/measure.exp
    10. beebs/beebs.test/run.exp
    11. beebs/run-all.sh
    12. beebs/run-avr-measurement.sh

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