[MAGEEC] [BEEBS] Building with Wall and Werror.

Andrew Burgess andrew.burgess at embecosm.com
Mon Aug 4 14:03:10 BST 2014

On 1 August 2014 15:03, Simon Cook <simon.cook at embecosm.com> wrote:
> Sounds good to me. Out of curiosity, will this patch be using just -Wall
> -Werror, or will there be other flags such as -Wextra?

For now it is just Wall and Werror, but I'm happy to add additional
flags if it's felt that would be useful.  I can always add them
defaulting to off so the extra errors/warnings don't have to be fixed
straight away.

> (Testing with -Weverything on clang may be of interest at some point, though
> this flag shouldn't be used by default as GCC doesn't support it).

We can always use the auto-tools to figure out if Weverything is
supported or not.  Is this something that would be useful?


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