[MAGEEC] [BEEBS] So what _do_ the E's stand for...

James Pallister James.Pallister at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Aug 1 22:03:53 BST 2014

I think we decided on Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite, since
the benchmarks can also be used for non energy stuff. I although thought
that is what we decided (perhaps the minutes are wrong?)


On 01/08/14 20:17, Andrew Burgess wrote:
> I was going to standardise the expanded name used throughout the BEEBS
> code and just wanted to double check that there's agreement on what
> the actual name should be.
> Currently on the wiki here for example:
>   http://mageec.org/2014/06/20/introducing-beebs-benchmarking-for-energy/
> We go with "Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Energy Benchmark Suite", which
> seems to have too many E's.
> In the code we currently have:
>       1 Bristol/Embecosm Benchmark Suite
>       4 Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite
>     100 Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Energy Benchmark Suite
>     277 Bristol/Embecosm Energy Efficiency Benchmark
>       2 Bristol Energy Efficiency Benchmark Suite
> In the last meeting, according to the notes:
>      http://mageec.org/wiki/Meeting_21_July_2014
> we agreed on "Bristol/Embecosm Energy Benchmark Suite"
> but I thought we'd agreed "Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite".
> Would anyone like to pick one?  If I don't hear anything else I'll go
> with "Bristol/Embecosm Energy Benchmark Suite" as that's what the
> minutes say we agreed on.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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