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Simon Cook simon.cook at embecosm.com
Fri Aug 1 21:51:07 BST 2014

Hi Andrew,

(I may have this history slightly wrong, but this is the order of events I

I believe originally it was Bristol Energy Efficiency Benchmark Suite (note
README.md still refers to this), but then to add Embecosm to the name, and
to avoid having BEEEBS as the name morphed into Bristol/Embecosm Energy
Efficiency Benchmark Suite, where the B stands for both Bristol and

Over time, we wanted to emphasise Embedded as the target, so Efficiency was
dropped in favour of Embedded (and the two Es were swapped). I think Energy
may have been dropped at some point, as whilst the original benchmark suite
was used for energy, we didn't want it to be useful exclusively for this
purpose, so we end up with Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite.

For consistency, I would choose "Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark
Suite", as in my view that's what describes it best. It's a benchmark suite
targetting embedded systems, energy is one way we're using it, but it's not
the only way it can be used. I realise that's different to the name chosen
in the meeting, but thats just my view on the name.

Of course, if the consensus is for "Bristol/Embecosm Energy Benchmark
Suite", we should go for that. Any other thoughts anyone?


On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 8:17 PM, Andrew Burgess <andrew.burgess at embecosm.com>

> I was going to standardise the expanded name used throughout the BEEBS
> code and just wanted to double check that there's agreement on what
> the actual name should be.
> Currently on the wiki here for example:
>   http://mageec.org/2014/06/20/introducing-beebs-benchmarking-for-energy/
> We go with "Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Energy Benchmark Suite", which
> seems to have too many E's.
> In the code we currently have:
>       1 Bristol/Embecosm Benchmark Suite
>       4 Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite
>     100 Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Energy Benchmark Suite
>     277 Bristol/Embecosm Energy Efficiency Benchmark
>       2 Bristol Energy Efficiency Benchmark Suite
> In the last meeting, according to the notes:
>      http://mageec.org/wiki/Meeting_21_July_2014
> we agreed on "Bristol/Embecosm Energy Benchmark Suite"
> but I thought we'd agreed "Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite".
> Would anyone like to pick one?  If I don't hear anything else I'll go
> with "Bristol/Embecosm Energy Benchmark Suite" as that's what the
> minutes say we agreed on.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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