[MAGEEC] MAGEEC talk/stand at future events.

Andrew Back andrew at abopen.com
Mon Apr 14 21:03:49 BST 2014

Hi All,

At this point do we plan to give a talk and/or host a table at any
future conferences? If so let me know and it would be great if details
could be added to the wiki.

We may not have the resources available to have anything like the same
level of participation we had at FOSDEM, but I imahine that we could
have one or two attend to give a talk or host a stall at events closer
to home. For example:

— Innovate UK, London, 5-6th November


"Innovate UK is designed to enable business people to meet others from
business, government and academia to make innovation happen - creating
opportunity and growth for the future."

This is the flagship TSB event and energy is a key theme this year!
Seems to me that we should aim to have some sort of involvement.

Opportunity: talk and/or stand.

See also:



We should act sooner rather than later if there is consensus that we
should participate...

— Oggcamp, Liverpool, around the "end of the year" (held in October last year)


A community unconference with a focus on F/OSS and OSHW. Perhaps the
closest thing we'll get to FOSDEM in the UK.

Opportunity: talk and/or stall.

— Device Developer Conference, Bristol/Cambridge/Manchester/Scotland, May/June


"An event for anyone involved in Embedded Systems Development,
Software Development, Electronics Design, Hardware Design, Enclosure
Design and Manufacturing Services."

Opportunity: talk/workshop/stall?

— Open World Forum, Paris, 30th Oct - 1st Nov


"The Open World Forum is the first European summit to gather political
representatives, decision-makers and experts, in one place, in order
to debate the technological, economic and social impacts that the Free
and Open-Source technologies bring to market."

A little further afield but could be interesting strategically and in
terms of getting energy-efficient compilation on the radar of policy
makers and influencers.

Opportunity: talk/stand/workshop.

I expect there will be others and in particular academic conferences,
which I've not looked into as other on the list will know much better
than I.




Andrew Back
Principal, AB Open Ltd

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