[MAGEEC] Fwd: Re: [FOSDEM-Devrooms] Energy-efficient Computing developer room.

Simon Hollis simon at compsci.bristol.ac.uk
Thu Oct 3 11:47:51 BST 2013

This is indeed great news :)

We can spend some time on Wednesday discussing the strategy, but I'm 
really quite excited about this :)


On 03/10/13 11:35, Andrew Back wrote:
> On 3 October 2013 08:27, Jeremy Bennett <jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Our dev room has been accepted for FOSDEM. Hurrah.
> Great news indeed!
>> Now we need to make it happen and a big success. Thank goodness we have
>> Andrew to help with that :)
> Well, inasmuch as I'll be pestering people for any missing info etc.
> and spreading the word that some clever folks will be talking about
> worthwhile and interesting stuff :o)
> I suppose we now need to decide whether we'll be issuing a CFP, or if
> the schedule is fully booked. Thoughts?
> Another possibility is to have a MAGEEC project table on the Saturday,
> to drum up interest for Sunday. The deadline for applications isn't
> until November so we have some time to give consideration to this.
> Best,
> Andrew

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