[MAGEEC] Fwd: Re: [FOSDEM-Devrooms] Energy-efficient Computing developer room.

Andrew Back andrew at abopen.com
Thu Oct 3 11:35:10 BST 2013

On 3 October 2013 08:27, Jeremy Bennett <jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our dev room has been accepted for FOSDEM. Hurrah.

Great news indeed!

> Now we need to make it happen and a big success. Thank goodness we have
> Andrew to help with that :)

Well, inasmuch as I'll be pestering people for any missing info etc.
and spreading the word that some clever folks will be talking about
worthwhile and interesting stuff :o)

I suppose we now need to decide whether we'll be issuing a CFP, or if
the schedule is fully booked. Thoughts?

Another possibility is to have a MAGEEC project table on the Saturday,
to drum up interest for Sunday. The deadline for applications isn't
until November so we have some time to give consideration to this.



Andrew Back
Principal, AB Open Ltd

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