[MAGEEC] Fwd: Re: [FOSDEM-Devrooms] Energy-efficient Computing developer room.

Kerstin Eder Kerstin.Eder at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Oct 3 11:27:37 BST 2013

Great opportunity for engagement and to get our work out into the community.

On 03/10/13 08:27, Jeremy Bennett wrote:
> Hi all,
> Our dev room has been accepted for FOSDEM. Hurrah.
> Now we need to make it happen and a big success. Thank goodness we 
> have Andrew to help with that :)
> Best wishes,
> Jeremy
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> Subject: Re: [FOSDEM-Devrooms] Energy-efficient Computing developer room.
> Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 23:57:02 +0200
> From: Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org>
> Organisation: FOSDEM VZW
> To: Andrew Back <andrew at abopen.com>
> CC: devrooms at fosdem.org, Jeremy Bennett <jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com>
> On 2013-09-13 13:44:26 (+0200), Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org> wrote:
>> On 2013-09-13 12:21:23 (+0100), Andrew Back <andrew at abopen.com> wrote:
>> > We would like to apply to host a developer room at FOSDEM for Sunday
>> > 2nd February 2014, on the  theme of energy-efficient computing. There
>> > are also plans to submit an application for a main track talk on this
>> > topic for the Saturday.
>> ACK from devrooms at fosdem.org: your proposal has arrived safely and it
>> looks complete. We'll let you know in due course if we choose to accept
>> it.
> We have accepted your devroom proposal.  We will subscribe you to the
> devroom-managers mailing list where we'll post more information in the
> next couple of days about sending calls for participation and managing
> proposals with Pentabarf.
>> Any particular reason for requesting Sunday specifically?  Putting rooms
>> into a schedule is quite a puzzle and extra constraints are not
>> particularly high on our wishlist.
> Currently, you're scheduled on Sunday.  We're still shuffling room
> assignments around, but we'll try not to change this.
> Best wishes.
> Philip

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