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simonhollisHello Simon, have I managed this IRC situation correctly?09:54
@jeremybennettsimoncook: Good morning09:58
simonhollisGood morning all!09:59
simonhollisI was hoping we could make some progress on the deliverables writing10:00
simonhollisI also have some (bizarre) updates from our finance people10:00
@jeremybennettwe'll be pulling our MAGEEC finances together this morning as well10:00
@jeremybennettWhat are the bizarre updates?10:00
@jeremybennettSimon and I will be in a conf call from 10 - 10:30, and then we can work on deliverables updates.10:01
simonhollisOK, speak after then. Brief finance update: for reasons that do not make much sense, they will not charge a bunch of stuff this quarter, but will charge some stuff from next quarter. So the expenditure is different from that previously sent :(10:02
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simonhollisHello guys, it is good to talk about the review now?11:25
@jeremybennettsimoncook is currently on a phone call. Might be easiest to wait until he has finished. Is that OK. Or you and I can start on IRC11:29
simonhollisHow about we briefly discuss this finance update, then wait for SC about the deliverables11:29
@jeremybennettSure - shall I call you?11:37
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