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AWhetterI've hit another problem09:03
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AWhetterI'm testing the web service with __test_ctuning_web_service_for_ctuning and I'm getting the error "3199) Error: Database name is not reconginzed!"09:04
AWhetterCCC_CTS_DB is set to the default (cod_opt_cases)09:04
@simoncookhttp://ctuning.org/wiki/index.php/Special:CDatabase?request=view_ccc_params  once logged in gives some database names and credentials if that is of any help09:55
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moon_hey simon sorry I've not used wordpress before, if I wanted to add some stuff to the wiki how would I go about it?15:17
@simoncookIf you go to one of the wiki pages, either design or planning, then on the "Search wiki" box, type the name of the page you want to edit, then there should be a link about creating it15:30
@simoncookIf you dont know mediawiki syntax, if you put either [[Category:Planning]] or [[Category:Design]] at the bottom of your page, itll appear in the index for that section15:31
moon_okay cheers I can look into all of the syntax! we finally have milepost running fully with CCC on the shared system!15:31
@simoncookBTW if you need to upload a large chunk of source (e.g. the milepost download with changes to make it work) if the wikis upload isnt working let me know and I'll quickly install the wordpress download manager plugin or if its more suitable I can give you repo create/write access to the mageec organisation on github15:45
moon_yeah we'll let you know and try the wiki upload first but it would be a good idea to create our own zipped version to avoid the issues we've faced15:55
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