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moon_hello all, we're just having some issues installing milepost on linux machines currently15:10
@simoncookI'm just testing a build here (now that I've turned -j up a bit from 2 in make) so I should see what any problem is very shortly15:12
@simoncookI'm trying in src-third-party/ppl-0.10.2-modified/src/Generateor_System.defs.hh line 253 specifying std::ptrdiff_t instead of just ptrdiff_t as everything else around it also specifies the std namespace15:15
moon_okay, let us know if that works!15:21
@simoncookwill do, theres a couple of these in different files so its just finding them all15:21
@simoncookWell its still building and hasnt failed again yet which im taking as a good sign15:31
moon_haha okay, and which version of gcc do you have installed testing this on?15:32
@simoncookMy system is running GCC 4.7.215:32
@simoncookright now its into building gcc so all the problems building ppl have now gone15:33
@simoncookIf in src-third-party/ppl-0.10.2-modified/src you grep for ' ptrdiff_t' and replace all instances with std::ptrdiff_t  and modify the _build_gcc line 101 to have CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS of CFLAGS="-I$BUILD_DIR/include -fpermissive" CXXFLAGS="-I$BUILD_DIR/include -fpermissive"  thats continuing to build at least15:35
moon_okay right, we will give that a go and see if it progresses for us15:37
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moon_we got some other issue that's come up but that got us past the initial error! I will let Ashley tell you as it's on his laptop but he's working on something else at the moment16:34
@simoncookOk, my system crashed my end so I'm just rebuilding incase the problems I'm seeing now is due to some messed up file system, but I'm guessing the issue you're having is in libgcc, one type has changed but the toolchain is older so uses the old name, in config/i386/linux-unwind.h, replace "struct info" with "siginfo_t"16:47
@simoncookthere also seems to be a linking issue, I've had to modify _build_gcc.sh, line 163 to specify a LD_LIBRARY_PATH16:48
@simoncookso that lien for me reads LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/simon/work/MAGEEC/stuff/ctuning-cc-2.5-gcc-4.4.4-ici-2.05-milepost-2.1/install/lib make ${PARALLEL}16:48
@simoncook(obviously change the PATH as needed to where stuff is)16:48
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AWhetterFor me the initial ptrdiff change helped. I've hit an issue now about "@itemx must follow @item". It's because I'm using texinfo>=5 so I'm about to try to make a patch for that17:33
@simoncookOk, for me the only other changes needed to be made were the two I mentioned above, about linux-unwind and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, with those changed everything finished building, so hopefully once you've fixed that texinfo issue and made those two changes everything should finish building for you.17:38
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