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Current Limitations and Potential Extensions of MAGEEC

This post briefly discusses some of the main contributions and limitations of the MAGEEC project and suggests several directions for future work.

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Evaluation of static program features used in MAGEEC

I set out to examine our current choice of features to be extracted from benchmarks, using a process called PCA (Principle Component Analysis). I used BEEBS as a source of programs, since it has been designed to represent a large range of different types of programs and would help me evaluate the feature thoroughly.

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Numerical Recipes Benchmarks

This post considers the question of whether it is possible to obtain C code for the tasks exemplified in the well-known Numerical Recipes in C series so it can be used in a public benchmark repository that be used under a sensible license. Although the Numerical Recipes series is very well-known, its licensing restrictions mean that the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) seems to be a more likely source of such benchmarks. This short post briefly considers the Numerical Recipes, Netlib and GSL resources.

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Welcome to MAGEEC

Welcome to MAGEEC—the MAchine Guided Energy Efficient Compiler framework.

MAGEEC is an open source project which combines work on compilation options which save energy with work on machine learning, to create a compiler framework that is capable of generating code that has improved energy efficiency.
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MAGEEC aims to combine work on compilation options which save energy with work on machine learning to create a compiler framework, capable of generating code that has improved energy efficiency. MAGEEC is an open project with active community involvement, and to participate, use the project wiki.

The project has four key goals:

  1. It will optimize for energy
  2. It will use physical measurement of energy usage, not models.
  3. It will be compiler agnostic—initially targeting GCC and LLVM
  4. It will deliver a working system, not just research papers.

MAGEEC is supported by the Technology Strategy Board of the UK government under its Energy Efficient Computing Initiative. It is a joint project between the open source compiler company, Embecosm and Bristol University’s Department of Computer Science.

The project started in June 2013 and will run for 18 months. We will be at a wide range of events, engaged with many open source projects and all publications will be open access.